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The Four Levels of Happiness

The Four Levels of Happiness

What the heck is happiness? I mean, isn’t that just some silly little flip thing? Who has time to be happy anyway? I have supper to get on the table. I have emails to answer. I have homework to monitor.

Who has the TIME to think about something as frivolous as happiness?

That was how I used to think about the concept of happiness. I mean, nice and all, but I have a family to run here.

Then I heard Fr. Robert Spitzer talk about “The Four Levels of Happiness.” Using years of research from just about every branch of psychology, he taught me why happiness is vital to us as human beings.

Everything out of his mouth made sense to me.

As I kept thinking about his teaching, I applied it to my life.

And just like that, my perspective on HAPPINESS changed.

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Parenting is an Explosion

Parenting is an Explosion

As a mother, you want many things for your children.

You just do. That’s who you are and how you are.

If every Christian mother would sit down and write a list of “What I Want for my (eventual adult) Child,” I believe the lists would be pretty darn similar.

  • Responsible.
  • Hard-working.
  • Honest.
  • Christian.

I have been a mother for 131 years. If you add up my kids back to back, that’s how many years of experience I have. It’s crazy.

For a long time, I thought I wanted “good” kids. And I thought my kids were sort of like vending machines. I’d put in my “money” then carefully select what I wanted and viola! I’d get exactly what I had desired.

Parenting is not even sort of like that.

Parenting is an explosion.

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Mitch’s Third Year at Seminary

Mitch’s Third Year at Seminary

Mitchell Paul Doerneman is my third child and he just entered his third year at Conception Seminary College.

I dropped him off YEAH!

He is doing well. I wanted to know more of the ins and outs of his daily life so we carved out an hour of time and he gave me the low down on Life as an UpperClassman.

First and foremost, much has changed in regards to the Wichita Diocese for minor seminary. We are not sending young men just to Conception Seminary; several are in Texas and Wichita just opened its own Formation House.

What that means for Mitch: less Wichita guys at Conception, which is a bummer but also interesting. He can tell they are going to form an even tighter brotherhood this year simply because there’re only five of them.

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My little Miracle – A Rosary Story

My little Miracle – A Rosary Story

My daughter, Malaysia Marie, has been giddy all week. She loves birthdays and she has been hopping around saying, “It’s Mary’s birthday on Friday!”

Because of my hopping-around-excited child, I have been thinking about Our Lady all week.

In honor of my daughter’s excitement as well as Mary’s birthday, I want to share my rosary miracle story with you today. It’s a little miracle, as far as miracles go, no broken bones were healed, no thunder bolts were seen; but it totally strengthened my child-like faith.

My Little Miracle ~ A Rosary Story:

It starts, as most stories do, with my mother. I am the third of eleven children and we were raised by a wondrous woman.

In fact, if God grades on a curve, my mother has screwed it up for us. She’s that amazing. She has this heart that just loves. She doesn’t demand or control or belittle. She.just.loves.

It was incredible to be brought up by such a woman.

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Today is The Big Day! The Parenting Dare is OPEN!

Today is The Big Day! The Parenting Dare is OPEN!

Today is a pretty big day.

You see, just a few moments ago, we opened the doors for our online course, The Parenting Dare. 

We are mother/son team, tackling the “easy” topic of How to Talk to Your Child about Love, Lust, Sex and Porn. 

A unique benefit for you: you’ll get the perspective of the mother, which is all about Mama Bear Stuff. And you’ll also perspective from my 24-year son, Eric.

THE parenting dare is open

He brings a healthy dose of reality to the topic and you’ll appreciate the way he interrupts me every so often to tell it like it really is. He’ll teach you things that you will want to know.

We are committed to helping you raise your child to be porn resistant. That means you must start when your child is YOUNG. So this course is geared for families that have babies on up to 14-yearolds.

Okay, now let’s talk some details.

What is this course truly about?

The Parenting Dare is about carving some time to think about Super Important Topics such as the difference between love and lust. And the difference between good and evil. And exploring the idea of happiness. Yes, we talk about porn and how to stay out of it, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about parenting strong in all areas.

And as you, the parent, watch our videos, (or listen via the audio option) you will naturally share what you are learning with your child.

It’s fantastic.

If you want more info about the course, I gave details in this post, “What You Will Receive from The Parenting Dare.”

So, how much does The Parenting Dare cost?   

First, two stories.

Story Number One:

About six months ago I had coffee with a wonderful mom friend of mine. She had meant to install some filters onto her son’s phone but had not gotten around to it.

That son, a ninth grader, sent a picture of his privates to a girl. That girl told her mom. The mom called my friend.

My friend looked at me with a huge smile and goes, “Lori, because of what you’ve taught me in the beta group of The Parenting Dare, I knew exactly how to handle that situation.”

She then said that their relationship was even CLOSER because of how she handled it.

I looked at her and said, “How much would you pay for that information?”

She said, “Lori, it was priceless. I truly can’t put a price tag on it.”

“Well, you gotta put a price tag on it because we are putting a price tag on our actual course. How much would you actually PAY for that knowledge?”

She thought and then this woman, who doesn’t have a lot of extra money, said with confidence, “I’d write you a check for $500 right now.”

Story Number Two:

A mom was referred to me. Her high school son, aged 15, had confessed to her that he had been looking at porn for years. He needed help. The mom thought I could help.

I told her that I didn’t have the expertise to help him.

I referred them to a sex addiction therapist. I mentioned to the mom that a sex addiction therapist costs $150 per hour (sometimes more) and he’d need more than one or two sessions.

The mom said what all moms would say, “I’ll pay anything to get him out of this.”

So, from story number one, I knew the content was extremely valuable as well as practical. And from story number two, I knew that parents would do whatever they had to do to get their child clean.

But our course was about keeping them from getting muddy.

I wanted to offer our comprehensive, PROACTIVE course to cost less than one hour of sex addiction therapy.

The Parenting Dare is priced at $147. Isn’t that awesome? That price just makes me happy.

Yes, we are low. Yes, our marketing guru told us to charge way more. So did my dad. And maybe we will one day.

But for now, we just have one wish: to help as many parents safeguard their families so they don’t have to suffer like we did.

And as an added incentive, (totally Eric’s idea) if you order now and use the coupon code “DARE” we will give you $50 OFF THE PRICE OF THE COURSE, good for the first two weeks of September only.

With a 100% one-month money-back guarantee, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Eric and I want nothing but the best for your family. Join us today.

   The Parenting Dare

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What You Will Receive from The Parenting Dare

What You Will Receive from The Parenting Dare

It’s easy to see that your child has a physical body. It’s extremely easy to think that your main job as a parent is to simply feed and water your child and that they’ll grow up just fine.

That’s what I used to think.

There is more to this job nowadays, parents. SO MUCH MORE.

My name is Lori Doerneman. I have been married for 29 years. My husband and I have eight children. We live in a small town near Wichita, Kansas.

When our oldest children were in the 7-10 range, we didn’t talk to them about our sexualized world or pornography. You can read how that turned out here, in one of my most popular posts, “Your Kid Screwed Up. Now What?”

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Five Unique Benefits of The Parenting Dare

Five Unique Benefits of The Parenting Dare

“The Parenting Dare” is an online course designed to give Christian parents the tools and confidence to talk to their child about the beauty of the human body and to expose the lie of pornography. This PROACTIVE course is geared for parents with children from BIRTH to age 14.

“The Parenting Dare” is a Profound Difference Maker.

The course is distinctive because NO ONE REALLY TALKS ABOUT HOW TO REJECT PORN. Most parents are like I was and think that somehow “that train will not stop at my station.” My fear/avoidance caused a lot of pain and suffering in my home.

It’s important, vitally important, for you to embrace the knowledge that you MUST educate your child about their sexuality and specifically, about pornography, so they can reject it. Yep, it’s uncomfortable. I totally empathize with your discomfort. But if you go with us on this journey, it will save you so much suffering in the future.

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Dare to Parent

Dare to Parent

The mission of The Parenting Dare:

To alert parents that they must parent differently in this day and age.

Our kids are growing up. And because of our fast-paced world, they are growing up faster than we would like.

The waters are unfamiliar and uncharted.

The amount of children that are capsizing is crazy; almost every life raft going down this river of puberty in our current culture is capsizing.

Parents are totally unaware.

TOTALLY. And truth be told, it makes me angry. It makes me angry that our innocent children are paying the price of our ignorance.

The mission of The Parenting Dare: To alert parents that they must parent differently in this day and age.

We must transform how we think about parenting. It’s a process. Believe me, I know.

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How “The Parenting Dare” Began

How “The Parenting Dare” Began

On Thursday I wrote a post about The Crazy Train that is in our society and basically infiltrating every home.

Many people have asked me about our mission. Today I thought I’d share

How The Parenting Dare Began.

In June of 2016 I asked my husband and our Eric to help me make a decision. I felt called to help parents understand the porn problem but I knew that leaving the family all of the time to give presentations (which is what I had been doing) was not the Best Plan of Action.

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