Five Unique Benefits of The Parenting Dare

Five Unique Benefits of The Parenting Dare

“The Parenting Dare” is an online course designed to give Christian parents the tools and confidence to talk to their child about the beauty of the human body and to expose the lie of pornography. This PROACTIVE course is geared for parents with children from BIRTH to age 14.

“The Parenting Dare” is a Profound Difference Maker.

The course is distinctive because NO ONE REALLY TALKS ABOUT HOW TO REJECT PORN. Most parents are like I was and think that somehow “that train will not stop at my station.” My fear/avoidance caused a lot of pain and suffering in my home.

It’s important, vitally important, for you to embrace the knowledge that you MUST educate your child about their sexuality and specifically, about pornography, so they can reject it. Yep, it’s uncomfortable. I totally empathize with your discomfort. But if you go with us on this journey, it will save you so much suffering in the future.

Five Unique Benefits of The Parenting Dare:

  1. ERIC.

  • My 24- year old son is a massive asset to this course. He has a strong story. He struggled with porn for many years; he knows the soul-sucking pain of that. He knows how hard it was to get out; he does NOT want young kids to get lured by the porn industry.
  • He has a courageous heart and strong vision. He knows that if we band together, we can change the culture.
  • He is funny; we laugh more than is appropriate on most days.
  • Because of the time needed for this mission, he decided to quit his job as a mechanical engineer and focus on building this movement. (He said he needs to do whatever it takes to help families safeguard their children.)
  • He is using his technical abilities to film, edit, build and promote our website. (I could not, would not, do this without him.)
  • He is ALL IN.

Five Unique Benefits of The Parenting Dare


You will be able to protect your family with great internet filtering. Most parents buy the filter but fail to install it because it’s too difficult. In Module Two, Eric lists the pros and cons of several companies. Plus, Eric gives you step-by-step instructions on how to install and properly use the recommended services. He is there to help you! Bang! Again with the whole Eric thing.


You don’t have to spend your precious time doing the research. Why this is important: this topic is dark. This topic can be nasty scary. We have waded through the murky waters. We have done the work. We rinsed off the harsh, graphic, horrific aspects and made it Mom Friendly.


Some parents from our beta group said that, even with our encouragement and our information, they weren’t able to sit down and HAVE the sex/porn conversation with their child. We took that into consideration when building “The Parenting Dare” and created age-appropriate videos that can be viewed by both the parents and the child on topics such as “The Sex Talk.” (Note: we stand behind the ideal that you, the parent, are the primary educator, but yes, sometimes, everyone needs a little help from a friend.)


You will learn how to effectively invest in amazing ways into the emotional life of your child. Instead of being afraid of puberty, you will enter into your role as parent and prepare them for puberty. You won’t fear the changes. You will learn to celebrate them! You will learn to lead your child to the core of who they really are and why they were created, so they can show up in the world, vulnerable and human, becoming who they were meant to be. It’s an exhilarating journey.

And your child will thank you up and down as they continue to grow up.

Read more about our story here, Let’s Stop The Crazy Train.

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