How to Not Eat Sugar

How to Not Eat Sugar

I was given a super effective tool on how to NOT EAT SUGAR in tempting situations.
The tool was given to me by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson of Bright Line Eating.
Susan taught me many things in her free 14-Day Challenge. One of the most long-lasting strategies: she helped me change my identity in regards to sugar.
Say what?

Let me explain.

If someone offered me a cigarette, I’d easily say, “No thank you, I don’t smoke.”
I would not say, “Oh, dang, I wish I could but well, I am not supposed to be smoking today. I’m trying to be good so no, I better not smoke today.”
I am a non-smoker, for goodness sake. I’d simply say, “I don’t smoke.”

Once I decided to delete sugar from my diet, Susan encouraged me to identify myself as a non-sugar consuming individual and to actually say out loud, “I don’t eat sugar.”
Sometimes just saying it inside my head is enough: this week I was in a situation where I had about sixteen different desserts offered to me. Many were made without flour and I could have easily grabbed one.
But it was a non-issue.
I looked at the table and thought to myself, “I don’t eat sugar.”
I didn’t associate with the sugary treats and it was just a table filled with stuff for others to eat. Not me. I’m a non-smoker of sweets.

How to Not Eat SugarIsn’t that incredibly easy?
Fourth of July is on Tuesday this year, which gives us permission to gather and hang out and have fun for about ten days in a row.
Which means more cook outs.
Which means more desserts.
Which, if you are trying to cut out sugars, can feel overwhelming.
Unless you change your identity about sugar.

“No thank you, I don’t eat sugar.”

And with those words, you’ll also feel this tinge of pride. And that is something to celebrate. Bang, bang.


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Lori Doerneman

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