I am a mom of eight children, we are always busy, and I am constantly asked, “Where do you get your energy?”

I usually just smile and shrug, but truth be told, I get it in a can.

That sounds weird, I know, but it is truth. My Bridget was due at the end of February, 2002. When I was 37 1/2 weeks along, I found out that my precious little girl had somehow gotten her umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck. To save her life, we induced her birth.

She was born healthy but small. (I usually birth ten pounders.) As the months went by, I couldn’t help but compare her to my friends’ babies. Bridget wasn’t progressing normally. We got her into physical therapy and along the way, we started her on powdered nutrition.

We watched our child rapidly develop from zero to hero. I was a believer in what we were doing and I started taking the powdered nutrition, too.

I found myself staying up later and getting up earlier, with a stable energy. I told my husband how great I felt. He wanted on the product. We discussed getting all of our children on the product.

I was happy to do this because I knew the declining nutritional value in our food. I wanted our children to be healthier. BUT I also knew that I’d have to start a business if we wanted to get everyone on the product.

Long story short, in 2004, we launched our nutrition business with Reliv International. We have not looked back. I worked the business hard for several years and that work is still paying us, for which I am grateful.

I love Reliv, it is my daily dose of real energy. I take three products:

  • NOW, which is my essential nutrition
  • FibRestore, so my intestinal tract can easily do its thing
  • SoySentials; this is perhaps the family’s favorite product because it keeps mommy stable during That Time of the Month

I have athletic children and their daily regiment would not be without:

  • NOW, basic nutrtion
  • FibRestore for digestive health
  • ProVantage, which helps remove the lactic acid out of the muscles after a hard workout

My children under the age of 10 simply take a scoop of KidsNow per day.

It comes in Chocolate or Vanilla. With that in their system, they no longer have strep, ear infections or constant sickness, which is what we had prior to Reliv’s entrance into our family life.

I am no longer incredibly active with Reliv, but our family will take it for as long as they make it. All ten of us.

If you want to read about the products, feel free to go to my Reliv Website:

   Click here for more information

I hope you have all the energy that you need. If not, get to shaking it up!

Lori Doerneman

Lori Doerneman

I love my marriage consummated and my Jesus consecrated. I also love seeing the eternal in the ordinary tasks of every day life. That's why I write.
Lori Doerneman

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