Update on Shay and her Baby Boy!

Update on Shay and her Baby Boy!

Shay Plunkett is a brave young woman and many of you have been following her story. Many of you have asked about her recently. You want an update!

For those of you that didn’t walk on this journey with us, Shay was a former basketball player on my daughter’s college team; when Shay became pregnant, Rachel reached out to her.

Rachel was highly concerned about the baby. She knew that Shay was not sure what she should do.

I got to know Shay. I wrote about her several times, starting with “The Womb is Not a Tomb.”

And long story short, many of you reached out to her in love. She was a stranger. Yet you reached out in love. You showered with the love every mama and her baby deserves.

Shay kept her baby.

See what I mean when I say brave?

Her beautiful son, Malachi, was born in December of 2016.

They are doing well, mostly.

Let me start with the best parts first.

Shay began to go to church and get support from her faith community.

On May 7, 2017, SHAY WAS BAPTIZED and Malachi was DEDICATED!

Update on Shay

When Shay was brought out of the water, her JOY was palatable. It was unbelievably gorgeous to witness.

WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, Shay! Out of all of the gifts you can give to your family, a deep faith walk is the most important. Keep growing and journeying. The Spiritual Life is a NEVER ENDING BEGINNING!

Now, let’s talk baby. Malachi is 10 months old.

He is crawling and pulling himself up. He is happy and loves to play with any type of ball. Shay says he eats anything and everything. What a cutie.

Update on Shay

Shay is working nights at a vet hospital.

This is where I pause and take a long breath. I want to package Shay’s story in a gorgeous box with a huge bow, all neat and tidy and perfect.

The truth: it’s not always easy being a single mom.

Shay’s greatest need is housing.  She currently does not have a secure place to stay. They had to sleep one night in her car because of a situation. She is working to get into a one-bedroom apartment.

I asked her if she has support and she said yes, she does. Her mom and aunt are helping with the baby. Her friends from church are helping with some kitchen items for her potential apartment. She needs a bed for herself, but Malachi has a nice crib. (Thanks, Gina P!)

I admire Shay’s fighting spirit, even when life gets difficult. Sometimes there’s more month than money. But as I talked with Shay today, she was not bitter; she expressed gratitude.

Shay, thank you for letting us follow you and your story. Thank you for giving Malachi life. Thank you for all the ways you have grown and worked to become a strong mom for his sake.

Lori Doerneman

Lori Doerneman

I love my marriage consummated and my Jesus consecrated. I also love seeing the eternal in the ordinary tasks of every day life. That's why I write.
Lori Doerneman

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2 thoughts on “Update on Shay and her Baby Boy!

  1. Bless her and her baby. Having had a daughter who was also a single mom … I know it’s not easy but prayerfully, people will rally around her and help her meet her needs for herself and her precious baby. Thank you Lori and Rachel for being an encouragement for her and loving her through her decisions to raise her baby. God bless

  2. God Bless Shat and her previous baby. I’m not sure where she lives but hopefully there’s a Catholic Charities or other charitable organization near that she could go to. Please post if there is anything we can do and anywhere to send things for aid.

    Love in Christ,

    Joell Griswold

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